Todd and Jeff look forward to offering solar solutions to the many customers and business relationships they have developed over their years in business. Westman Solar Solutions' goal is to provide sound information on solar options to their customers with a no-pressure approach and grow solar-energy awareness to help build another “green” footprint in the Westman area.


  • Solar is a secure investment. Energy prices are rising but with solar panels and simple math, you can calculate how much electricity will be generated. Most importantly, a fixed energy cost for over 20 years.
  • Guaranteed performance from manufactures. There are 20-25 year warranties (performance guarantee) with solar panels. The industry standard guarantees 80% performance at 25 years.


Manitoba is joining the rest of Canada and the World in utilizing solar power. As Manitobans, we have had the geographic advantage for producing hydro electricity and have benefited from it. Now with the assistance of Manitoba Hydro, residents and business have the opportunity to capitalize on our other geographic advantage – solar energy. Southwest Manitoba with its number of sunny days a year (310+) is a great place in Canada to implement solar energy. With Westman Solar Solutions you have that opportunity.

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Western Manitoba sits in the heart of one of the largest potential photovoltaic areas in Canada. Due to our high yearly rate of sunshine and lack of mountain shade, south-facing, properly installed arrays in Westman have a potential of 1300+ kWh of annually.

Give us a call to and see what we can do at your home or business.


Will my roof handle the weight of solar panels?

Very likely. The weight of the solar panels and mounting system adds less than 3 lbs. per square foot. Similar to adding another layer of shingles.

What if my shingles aren’t in good shape?

If they are close to needing replacement they should be replaced first.

How does snow affect panels?

o If the panels are covered with snow their output will be affected. Fortunately, most of our Manitoba solar hours come during spring, summer, and fall. Losing parts of the winter months to snow cover doesn’t have a big impact on your annual production. Also, panels are usually mounted at an angle that snow will often slide off.

Will hail damage solar panels?

The glass used in solar panels is tempered, so it is very strong (the same as your car windshield).

Will I have electricity when grid power goes down?

In most cases, no. If this is important to you then there are ways to make it work. However, it does have additional costs.

How well do solar panels work in our colder weather?

Solar panels produce a higher wattage in colder temperatures. However, during winter in Westman there are less sunlight hours.


Come and visit Jeff’s house to see what it is all about. With online tracking and digital meters – it is a new world. See what a real homeowner has done and the potential savings to be had.

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